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Our advanced whack-a-demon game and celebration of Hindu myth. A challenging and fun way to keep order in the cosmos while sitting on a bus. And don’t hit the kittens. No matter what your spiritual beliefs, that’s just wrong.


We're looking for a few good fingers

Do you have copious amounts of free time and enjoy tapping on luminosilicate glass? Then participate as a beta tester. Hit us up: hello@bustoutgames.com.


Do you like pointless and grandiose line graphs?

Look at this one. We placed Your Personal Gratification Aggregate™ on the Y-axis and Time Spent Playing Bust Out Games™ on the X-axis. The results are crystal-clear: increased TSPBOG = more YPGA!

Bust Out Solutions, Inc.

But, seriously… we also make lovely websites.

Bust Out Solutions is a full-service web & mobile consultancy based in Minneapolis. We intelligently engineer websites with simple, elegant designs that work. See what we mean at bustoutsolutions.com.